Professional Biography

Dorian King

Mission Statement:

Living in a plastic and asphalt world full of stress (caused by a politically, economically and culturally

diverse society) has created a world never seen before by man or woman. Living from a past framework

is a recipe for poor health both physical and mental.

With a strong interest in nutrition and healthy living, my goal is to share positive models and thoughts,

and to improve a person’s lifestyle with moderate modifications in daily exercises, vitamin supplements,

and dietary and fluid additions.



-32 years of nutritional supplement sales, 1974 - present.

-Background in emergency medicine - New York City Health and Hospital Corporation, 1981-1986.

-Certified Iridologist - New York Center for Iridology, 2005 - present.

-Certified Reiki 2 Energy Practitioner, 2004 - present.

-Proficient in Tai Chi, 2000 - present.  




-Young Living Essential Oils presentations – New York, North Carolina, Washington, D.C./Maryland, 2003.

-“Kangen” Alkaline Water Filtration System presentations and demonstrations in the North Atlantic region,

2006 - present.

-Nutritional health and “Career Day” talks to students in New York and Maryland public school systems,


-Individual consultations in Iridology and nutrition, 2005 – present.

 Additional Educational Seminars:

-Advanced Iridology 1 and 2, 2005 - 2006.

-Basic Reflexology, 2005.

-Young Living Essential Oils - Utah - 7 days, 2004.

-Young Living Essential Oil - New Jersey, New York, 2003 - present.

-Extreme Health - Ervine, California - 7days, 2006.